DO recruitment advisors

DO recruitment advisors


DO Recruitment Advisors was established by Nathalie Delebois and Sinéad O’Donnell (hence the D and the O!). Having many years of experience recruiting in Luxembourg, we understand the intricacies of working in such a small marketplace, the complexity and the rewards. Through this experience we can offer you consultative support, advice and the promise of total confidentiality.


As the main responsible person for all administrative work related to the Luxembourg office, the Office manager plays a crucial role in supporting the country manager along with overseeing all the general administrative duties involved in the day-to-day running of this busy office (payroll, accounting, Tax and VAT declarations, …).
More specifically, the role involves the following tasks:
- Agenda management, travel arrangements, interface to clients and prospects,
- Proper management of all invoices to-be-paid (receiving invoices, checking accuracy, sending to finance, checking proper payment, and following-up with suppliers…),
- Compliance of Lux office vis-à-vis the authorities (making sure VAT declaration is properly sent on-time, ditto for Tax declaration, answer requests from the authorities like surveys…),
- All local HR tasks (issuing employment contracts, dealing with the insurance company, answering employees questions, following-up with insurance and social security,…).


- Bachelor degree (or equivalent) or appropriate professional experience as an executive assistant in a bank, a service company or a software or IT supplier,
- Documented experience in supporting an executive daily activities,
- Proven experience in dealing with requests from outside his/her own field of responsibilities (internal or external customers),
- We are looking for a pro-active individual, organised and precise, open-minded and willing to help,
- Trilingual in English, French and German, the candidate is ready to give a 100% and is interested in playing a key role in this dynamic team.


Our client is an international banking software company.

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