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« Luxembourg, the wondrous little secret of Europe »

Luxembourg is still one of the richest countries in the world, and is one of the largest centres for global fund management, despite being the 6th smallest country in the world. This little cocktail of statistics can give you a quick indication of what a fantastic little haven Luxembourg is.

Luxembourg offers a lot to its inhabitants, through its culturally diverse nature and geographic location perfectly situated in the centre of continental Europe, bordering France, Germany and Belgium. This small country perched in the middle of Europe, reaps all the benefits from its powerful neighbours as well as having many advantages of our own. Luxembourg, the wondrous little secret of Europe.

In financial services companies bound by the banking convention, employees can enjoy 33.5 days holidays a year, in addition to the numerous bank holidays, competitive salaries, as well as an international, diverse and challenging working environment. What more could one want?

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